Kristoffer Ørum is an Educator

My teaching methodology is based on a combination of early internet Hacker culture and 90ies do-it-yourself culture. In my teaching activities I am focused on helping participants to develop their own strategies and methods rather than teaching specific skills or ideas. As a teacher I encourage sharing knowledge and skills that draw on the life experiences and skills of the participant, in an effort to also move beyond my as own ideas and limitations. I use low budget methods of making to explore and think about the world we live in. My goal is to combine abstract thinking and material hands-on work in a way that connects and enriches both. I favour methods and materials that can be employed in the everyday without access to arts institutions or other resource rich environments. I draw on theory, politics and history, as conceptual tools to think with, rather than a cannon to be mastered or a something to be legitimised by. I teach a way of working and thinking with art that is an active everyday practice – One that when it is deployed successfully can move us beyond out habitual thinking and give us critical perspective on the conventions of art and agency to find beauty in dark time.