Kristoffer ├śrum is a performer

I used to teach at an art school in Denmark. Something that left me very little time for my own art practice, so I tried making my teaching a little weirder - I started dressing up, and messing with the presentation software, introducing fictitious art works and my own made-up theories to make the situations and its conventions a little less clear. I was trying to break with the norms of teaching and academia that I had internalised to find a way of teaching that was closer to my artistic practice. Since then, my practice as an educator and performer have merged: education and outreach have increasingly become a part of my artistic practice while performance has become an even more integral part of the educational strategies I employ. Along side the other parts of my already diverse practice, I have appeared in a huge variety of different context, both in and outside of Denmark. From academic conferences to role-playing conventions I have tried to de-centre the conversation a little bit. Working to get the audience to think with me as I wonder about the world and its conventions, rather than delivering information, or clear-cut talking points. My appearances dressed as crayfish, mussels, oysters, or versions of myself all combine elements music, interactive and technological elements to speculate humorously on the contemporary human condition.