Kristoffer Ørum


A Body Has Many Members

Categories: [exhibition]

”A Body Has Many Members” is a public commission for the UCC (University College Capital) Campus Nordsjælland commissioned by the Danish Agency for Culture and the UCC. It consists of over 30 screens scaGered across all parts of the campus that show a real time visualisation of the College’s institutional infrastructure. On these screens the invisible flows of economy, knowledge and power are made visible in a visual language akin to computer games, or scientific visualisations. Individual members of staff and students appear as avatars The project proposes a new visual metaphor through which to consider the institution: as an organic and ever-changing organism, defined not by its physical dimensions but rather by the activities that happen within, and around it. By visualising data drawn from lesson plans, evaluation structures as well as economic data this installation focuses aRention on Campus Nordsjælland, its situation within society and the individuals that make up the institution.

”A Body Has Many Members” addresses the ancient metaphors of the human body that continue to shape the social and political imagination today. Since time immemorial the human body has been used as a metaphor for social and political relations. Today we still refer to the ‘head of state’ often without recognizing or acknowledging the metaphor and its embedded ideology and social norms. This project hopes to leave these ancient bodily metaphors behind in order to adopt metaphors that are more in line with what constitutes a body in present-day science and an institution in contemporary society.