Kristoffer ├śrum



Categories: [exhibition]

Two texts airbrushed directly onto the wall using beetroot juice, for the show Qua Aqua at Koldinggade 12 in Copenhagen.

1: "In the bottom drawer of my fridge are a few beetroots that have been left there for so long that they have begun to leak red liquid.

The liquid stains my hands when I reach into the vegetable drawer.

The rose coloured spots on my hands spread the beetroot taste to objects and architecture, as the house begins to smell like freshly ploughed earth."

2: " If you lick the walls of a freshly painted room you may notice a familiar aftertaste.

The taste of the titanium pigment which is also used as a whitening agent in milk and sugar.

It is also used in moisturisers to preserve ageing skin and to draw the white lines that mark when one is out of bounds."