Kristoffer Ørum


Ambivalent Physiognomy

Categories: [performance]

Ambivalent Physiognomy (2017) A live facial-tracking lecture, about among other things my russian heritage, Putin’s totalitarian nose, the TV show Lie To Me, poisoned knowledge, triangulation and emotional datasets.

“The more I look at my face, the weirder it looks to me, and the less I can recognise it as an image of myself. But fortunately, I use Google all the time, and there is a sort of comfort in knowing that I have left a data imprint on their servers. It is as if the fact that I can be found via Google’s search engines makes me more real and makes me feel tethered to some sort of communal social reality. It is as if I matter a little more because I have been observed, logged and registered, even if it is only by Google’s search-engine robots and not humans.

But even when googling my own name, I see things come up that I don’t remember. Events and news where the name Kristoffer Ørum pops up. Awards for having the most beautiful truck in Denmark that I don’t remember winning, and comments on Facebook that I don’t remember writing: stuff from the life of another Kristoffer Ørum whose life is tied to me, not by his face but by a shared name. I haven’t been able to find any images of this other Kristoffer online, only lots of images of shiny trucks, but at least, I’ve seen from his Facebook profile that he was born in the same year as I was, 1975, and even in the same month, February.”