Kristoffer Ørum


Coffee Lake

Categories: [exhibition]

Everything is normal Everything is cool Don’t look at the power cables Ignore the little black boxes on the wall Don’t look at the greasy fingerprints on the screen Don’t think about the people who made these objects Don’t think about the infallible computer chips inside Don’t listen to the noise of the ventilator. Look at the screens Look at the Bonamatic coffee maker

This ☕ does not exist And yet it expresses something Its structure tells us something An unstable ☕ of liquid crystal light and colour

Pixels are to the coffee maker As letters are to words Pixels themselves have no meaning They have meaning when put into use

Wherever pixels do not emit light They become blurry mirrors Reflecting situations in the world outside instead of depicting an object that never existed

Imagine a ☕ growing inside of a ☕ A simulation of light rays hitting matter A pixelated phantom image of a fictitious ☕ An acceptable computer simulation Created by a chip named after an imaginary Coffee Lake

A miniature lake inside of a computer Manufactured using an unstable process Where half of the lakes produced are discarded They are too hot and untrustworthy Their calculations unexpected Their language strange

[illegible letter fragments on large screen]

The human body is a factory Driven by coffee to be productive Just as this sequence of images Provides the appearance of time and space

Coffee Lake vibrates impatiently As reflection and simulation meet on the screen They are no longer reasonable or separate

Electrical appliances hide a chaotic core Reservoirs of strangeness buried inside of their functionality Reservoirs of strangeness forgotten inside the everyday Messy inner systems that that reimagine our world chaotic systems that make images of imaginary objects

Echoing back to us distorted versions of what we know Reflecting amended versions of the world we know Promising that things do not have to remain as they are